Amy Hagan

Owner and Pack Leader

I started Peaceful Pets when my business partner Cody Boy came into my life in 2008. Cody is a terrier/Beagle mix (I think) and needed a lot of exercise. I was in transition from my radio career and looking for a change.


I started Peaceful Pets by doing leash walks and pet sitting. As I got more clients it made more sense to walk the dogs together. That’s when I began the dog hikes.


I have always had a passion for being out in nature and being with dogs so my pack began to grow.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Emerson College and spent many years as a local radio personality. Most of my career was spent behind the microphone at 94 WHJY I also did a stint at B101.

I now run Peaceful Pets and teach yoga at All That Matters in South
Kingstown and East Greenwich. I also do some voice over work and TV commercials.

Cody Boy is a rescue dog from Tennessee. If you are considering
bringing a dog into your life consider adopting. Here are a few
organizations and resources I support. 


A day in the life of a Peaceful Pet


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Amy Hagan


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